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The current week’s Hair Talk highlighted blogger is the chic Charlotte from ‘Blonde Canvas’. We visited to her about everything hair including some astonishing hair comparisons…Tina Turner anybody?

Talk us through your ordinary hair mind schedule…

When I awaken, my hair is typically similar to a lions mane. I brush my mane with a wide tooth brush, as my hair is normally truly wavy and brushes tend to make it frizzier. Next I run some serum through my hair utilizing my fingers; vietnamese hair is somewhat dry and this gives it a little dampness. My most loved serum at the moment is Renewing Argan Oil of Morrocco. After this I spritz V05 warm assurance shower everywhere on my hair and after that do my cosmetics while I sit tight for my hair to assimilate the warmth protectant. After my make up I generally style my hair wavy, for this I utilize Mark Hill barrel stylers. I twist the best layer and in addition a couple of arbitrary pieces underneath and abandon some of my characteristic twists in.

Disclose to us some of your most loved speedy and simple haircuts…

My most loved must be a Dutch Braid, it resembles a French Braid yet you take the pieces under rather than over. Next I adore an untidy bun, this is my go to when I can’t be messed with styling my hair. My third snappy and simple hairdo is making due common and including a cap.

On the off chance that you could take 3 of your hair blessed grains to an abandon island-which items would you pick?


Aussie 3 minute Miracle Frizz Remedy-As I’ve specified, my hair is truly dry and crimped and this keeps it quiet.

It is safe to say that you are a styling savage or more wash and go?

I am certainly a wash and go individual, I like low support looking locks.

Would you ever be enticed to have a super sensational hair makeover? Or, then again have you at any point done it and did you have genuine hair lament a while later?

Nope never! The most sensational thing I’ve ever done was ombré it. I have constantly adored kicking the bucket my hair ginger, my mum is a characteristic red head and I’ve generally been jealous of it. In spite of the fact that on the off chance that I dyed my hair red I would need to change my blog name.

What’s the best hair compliment you’ve ever had?

One of my companions dependably says that my hair helps him to remember Tina Turner (some time ago), in spite of the fact that I don’t know that is a compliment…

What style has had it’s day and should be resigned?

I’m truly not an enthusiast of the Joey Essex haircut that a great deal of young men have been donning as of late. The short along the edges and long on top look, it’s been somewhat exaggerated and I’m truly not a fan.


A debt of gratitude is in order for visiting Charlotte, we think you’d look absolutely stunning as a redhead! You can see a greater amount of Charlotte at ‘Blonde Canvas’ which is brimming with fantastic hair searches for us to swoon over!

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