Short and center-parted – Hair trend

By | 15 Tháng Mười Hai, 2017

As we all know, hair has always been a woman’s best accessory because it boosts her confidence and makes her feel more feminine. We tend to experiment a lot with our hair- dye it, cut it short, let it grow again, straighten it, curl it, or go to a hair saloon to get hair extensions done by a professionalist. One can tell a lot about a woman merely from her hairstyle because it can depend and vary from her mood, how busy her life is, how she feels in her skin, even her occupation. Now, let us dig into the Hair Trends for 2018 so we can give you some fresh ideas on how to style your hair.

Short and center-parted

short and center-parted hair style trend in 2018

Short, middle-parted hair is going to be a huge trend for 2018 because it is easy to maintain, effortless, neither too messy, nor too fancy  which makes it a great choice for women whose life is too hectic and busy. Furthermore, this hairstyle creates the illusion of a longer, skinnier and more feminine face.

At the runaways Michael Kors’ models are seen with center-parted straight hair, whereas Nina Ricci’s models have short, center-parted hair with curls starting from the level of the ears. If you choose to cut your hair short you will not only be following the latest hair trends but also save some time in the morning.


One-side parted and pushed behind the ears

mid-parted and behind the ears hair trend in 2018

It is a well known fact that men like to see their woman with a ponytail or a bun because there is no hanging hair to cover and hide their partner’s beautiful face.  This leads us to the next hair trend which is the parted to one side and pushed behind the ears hairstyle. Even though the hair is loose one can still see a woman’s beautiful and feminine cheeks, jaw line and ears. Long earrings go so well with this hairstyle. This is yet another easy to maintain, classy and feminine hair trend which will highlight your beautiful features and make you more confident.



Braids, braids, and more braids

loose braids hairstyle trend in 2018

Twists have dependably been in style since they come in such a significant number of various shapes, frames, shading, style, and surface. Emporio Armani’s models were seen with free plaits at the fall appear, Valentino’s models had all around styled smaller scale twists, H&M’s models for the game gathering had meshed ponytails which were such a hit for vietnam hair quality and are probably going to remain all things considered in 2018. Different models had thick cornrows plaited along the head which made fanciful mohawk.

Taking a gander at such a tremendous symbol as Rihanna herself and her Fenty models who were wearing cornrows, and different superstars, for example, Halle Berry with her chaotic plaits, Alicia Keys and her orange meshes, Beyonce’s beaded interlaces, Coverne Cox’s nectar blonde untidy fishtail, Nicki Minaj’s microbraids, and Keke Palmer’s red box twists, we can guarantee you that twists will command in 2018. Untidy meshes, free plaits bolstered not by a versatile but rather only a couple of bobby pins stuck straight up into the twist, enormous twists, angle interlaces regardless of what kind of twists you pick you will take after the most recent patterns.


bobby pins hairstyles trends in 2018

Other trends are pinning the hair by using countless bobby pins, thus creating the illusion of a short hair. This way women can see how they look with a short hair without having to cut it short and then regret having done it. Tom Ford’s models are seen with such hairstyle and everybody loves it. If you ever wondered how you would look with short hair then you should definitely give this hairstyle a try.

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