Step by step instructions to Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

By | 9 Tháng Tám, 2017

Experiencing issues cutting in your hair expansions? Don’t know where every weft goes? Try not to freeze as we have the conclusive manual for how to apply cut in hair expansions and accomplish that regular complete look we as a whole longing when wearing hair augmentations.

Not at all like different brands, our hair augmentations are numbered. That implies that every weft is named with a number from one to eight, which matches with the MCSARA fitting aide that is found in your hair augmentations booklet and online here. You’ll likewise see that our clasps are made with silicone and have an elastic sponsorship to help keep the wefts from sliding out of your hair.

To apply cut in hair expansions, you’ll require a brush and an area cut. A backcombing brush and some hairspray additionally proves to be useful as well, however these are discretionary.


To begin with, brush your hair with an oar brush to dispose of any bunches and tangles. At that point segment the hair at the scruff of the neck and clasp in weft number one close to the hairline. Locate the focal point of the hair first and clasp in the center clasp and take after with the left and right clasp. An extraordinary tip for ensuring that your clasps don’t slide down is to backcomb and hairspray the underlying foundations of the area to make a solid grasp for the clasps to hold onto. This is super gainful for young ladies with better hair, as well.


Segment the hair from the highest point of your ear upwards and cut in weft number two by opening the clasps up, finding the inside and cutting the center clasp, at that point left and right clasps into the hair. Rehash a similar stride by separating the hair and cutting in weft number three and four over each other.


When you have got done with section in the wefts at the back, it’s currently time to apply cut in hair augmentations to the sides of your head. To do this, area the hair at eye level and clasp in weft number five and seven on either side. At that point keep on sectioning the hair over the weft you have quite recently cut in to cut in wefts six and eight and nine and ten (which aren’t numbered). These two last wefts aren’t numbered and don’t need to be cut in if unneccessary. Another awesome tip for how to apply cut in hair expansions is to layer the wefts as an afterthought at a point, as this will make characteristic shape around the face and help to mix your shorter layers with your hair augmentations.

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