step by step instructions to prevent your hair color from blurring

By | 11 Tháng Mười Hai, 2017

There’s nothing that makes you feel more fabulous than a fresh, glossy hair colour and that’s the kind of confidence boosting feeling a girl really wants to hold onto. Making these changes to your hair care routine will stop your hair dye from fading fast and help you to hold on to that salon fresh feeling for longer.

Switch up your shampoo

Anti-dandruff or clarifying shampoos are too harsh for coloured hair and can start stripping back your colour after the first wash. You want to go for something that’s more gentle and is formulated to protect coloured hair. If you have blonde or brown hair John Frieda does an amazing range that works for both colours to hydrate and replenish your strands which preserves the colour. For any other colour go for the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo which uses charged amino-ions to form a barrier around your hair protecting the colour.

Avoid hot water

You don’t want to wash your hair in hot water but rather at a warm or even lukewarm temperature. Hot water opens the cuticles which makes it harder for your hair to hold onto the colour. If you can handle it a blast of cold water at the end of your shower is a good shout too. This helps to seal the cuticle which is good for preventing colour loss and will make your hair look really shiny.


Use a mask

The chemicals in hair dye can dry out your strands and dry hair leads to damage which will seriously affect its ability to hold onto colour. Regularly using a nourishing mask or treatment will help to protect your hair and restore any dry ends.

Farthest point warm styling

Restricting the measure of warmth you utilize is a smart thought as it’s the greatest guilty party in causing hair harm. On the off chance that you can’t dodge it generally utilize a warmth defender and in the event that you can, turn the temperature on your instruments down.

Get coated

A hair coat works similarly as a best coat on your nail shading, it includes sparkle and plumps up your hair to influence it to look super sound and lustrous. You can likewise have one done that is tinted to supercharge shading and keep it looking fresher for more human hair extensions . You can have one of these done by your beautician or alternatively John Frieda has a shading glaze that you can use at home as well.

We trust that now you’re aware of everything your shading will stick around for a ton longer! In the event that you have any tips of your own, tweet us @milkandblush to share the affection.

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